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The Gathering - Saturday March 3, 2018
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New Theological Seminary of the West invites all students, faculty, potential students, trustees and friends of the seminary to attend The Gathering. The Gathering is designed to enable the NTSWest seminary community to come together for fellowship; information sharing; lunch and worship.

There is...

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3 Courses being offered in Winterim 2018!
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NTS West is currently offering 3 courses for the Winterim in 2018:

The Whole Bible: Introduction to the New Testament

In this two quarter course, even though we begin with the Old Testament, we will continually keep in mind the whole Bible. In highlighting the themes emphasized by the authors of ...

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Doing Church in a Changing Culture Video: How Faith Meets Culture Series
بواسطة الخميس, 3 آذار 2016, 12:02 - Help Desk

In this video Dr. Tom Erickson, D.Min, and Rev. Kirk Winslow, M.Div. describe how two very different congregations respond to changes in their surrounding culture, one in inner city Los Angeles in the 1960’s, and the other in suburban Irvine in the 2000’s.

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